FEMS Young Scientist Meeting Grant

FEMS Young Scientist Meeting Grant to attend 5th DTFD, Belgrade/Serbia

    ✓ FEMS provides Meeting Attendance Grants to early career scientists working in Europe.

    ✓The grant amount is from 250€ to 600€

FEMS grant is covering:

    ✓ Participation at the 5th DTFD (materials included)

    ✓ 2 night accommodation in nearby hotels booked by 5th DTFD organizer (bed and breakfast)

FEMS requires that a Young Scientists Meeting Grantee is:

    ✓ A member of a FEMS Member Society, confirmed by any officer of her/his society, (List of FEMS member societies: fems-microbiology.org/member-societies),

    ✓ Less than 36 years of age,

    ✓ An active microbiologist,

    ✓ Applications for a grant will only be considered if they are accompanied by an online registration to the 5th DTFD.

In order to apply for the FEMS Young Scientist Meeting Grant, please send needed documents to office@dtfd.org before September 13, 2017.

    ✓ complete the application form

    ✓ CV

    ✓ a list of publications

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the selection process via email mid-September 2017.